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The build quality of the phone seems to be not great. Everything seems to break easy. I have 2 of these phones. I hope they will improve because they look nice

-Kim Nguyen
May 1, 2016

i like the phone, it is sophisticate. and elegant. however i would just add somewhere in the website that iphone and galaxy cases will fit. otherwise the customer would be searching for gs phone cases and selection would be limited.

-carmen romero
March 12, 2016

The gs1 Raptor is an amazing phone. The camera on this phone works wonderful and all my pictures come out clear.

-loreta segundo
February 27, 2016

Besides the phones price, do your homework. This phone has so many capabilities. Pandora is extremely clear and doesn’t skip, Google is fast, the picture quality is unheard of and the video is in a world of it’s own. I am very happy with my phone. All these years I’ve over paid for phones. You can text, accept and receive calls from your work number without having to take the sim out.

-willie page
February 24, 2016

This phone is very impressive. Of course the price is perfect compared to the other companies. I actually had the S5 Galaxy before the GS1. I waited too long to make the switch. I encourage all buyers to do your homework, this phones capabilities are unheard of. I love my phone and love the fact that I don’t have to carry my work phone due to the dual sim card. The picture quality is amazing. Pandora plays nice and smooth without cutting off. The internet is fast. I can go on but space is limited.

-Willie Page
February 8, 2016

i like the phone I got from my father. I am looking forward in using this phone. I hope this works out for me.

-Romell Hudson
January 26, 2016


-wameedh alsheda
January 13, 2016

had trouble instoling SIM card.

-joe matthews
January 5, 2016

Well I just got it seven days ago so far so good I like it.

-Henok Assefa
January 2, 2016

I love the phone itself, but when I speak in the phone everyone I talk to states my voice sounds muffled. They also tell me when I talk and use the speaker they hear echoing and feedback.

-Jewel Jackson
December 29, 2015

I love my new phone. I especially like the double protective cases and all the equipment that comes with the phone. The phone work fast and looks so business like. The features are nice and the phone is the right size. Not too large and not to small. Just purchased today!

-Teresa Arliyah Johnson
December 22, 2015

I find the GS1 RAPTER to be very stylish and easy to use. I found it easy to adjust to from my previous phone and the pictures are much better than any other phone I’ve used!
I would recommend this phone to friends in a heart beat!

-Edie Grover
December 18, 2015

Great phone, having fun learning it

-Gayle Rogers
December 15, 2015

I like my phone very much.
Had problems putting in Sim Card, I tried the small one.

-Ruby Tyler
December 7, 2015

Great phone I like it

-Ron Fleming
December 1, 2015

So far ok

-Justinn Tylor
November 28, 2015

I like the way the phone feels in my hand.

-Nathan Rabb
November 27, 2015

The GS raptor …it changed my life for phone quality. I Honestly have never been happier to use my phone. It have so many great features such as the shortcuts to the camera, music, apps etc .. This phone has better feature than. The samsung note 4 . I’m really happy with it. But I had a snapchat problem..I reported it and they fixed it right away. And now its working great . I got all the updates to all my apps. There’s soon many good in this phone I highly recommend it . thank you to the owners of this GS raptor for bettering this phone. Its great!!!

-Kimberly Sophan
November 25, 2015

First of all I like the RAPTOR, because of its design, light weight, dual SIM card capability and 3D game ability.

I’m having an issue with the speaker. While I’m on the speaker talking to people they hear feedback, static and they have a very difficult time understand me.

-Donald Williams
November 21, 2015

The GS1 Raptor Smartphone is incredibly fast. I mainly use it for Instagram(Taking pictures) and Facebook. It is a very sleek and sophisticated looking phone. I feel very proud to own one.

-Steven Pulido
November 20, 2015

After using the GS1 Raptor for a month, I have to say that I love this phone. Much better than my previous phone, which was a Samsung.

The best part about it for me is the easy to access and setup WiFi tethering. This can be found in Settings > More… (under Wireless & Networks) > Tethering and portable hotspot > WiFi hotspot. When I am out and about with my laptop, I just switch on the mobile tethering, and I can access the internet on my laptop at any time. I was even able to play an online RPG game through my mobile tethering, something I haven’t been able to do in the past.

I also love this phone’s speed, faster than anything I’ve seen. It even works at full speed at 1% battery, loading my apps and still processing. Yes, there is the limitation on the number of apps you can have on the phone. But, when I decide to, I can get an SD card to put in the phone, and I can store my apps on there, giving ultimate freedom plus the fastest performance out there.

This phone provides just as great an experience as an iPhone and Samsung, and I recommend everyone to try it out!

-Dom De Grassi
November 20, 2015

I am in LOVE with this phone, every one that I know should have one.

-Pastor Carl
October 14, 2015

I acquired the GS1 Raptor phone about a week ago. Thus far, I haven’t encountered any problems that have interfered my ability to operate the phone and get the results that I expect. The performance of the phone, powerful, amazingly fast and very responsive to my many request, (using various apps, ect.) The phone was simple to set up (installing of the 4GLTE sim card and an additional storage (SD micro), was no problem. More importantly, transferring my data from my old phone to my new GS1 was simple and quick as well. The only item the I consider a small problem is with the case. It only has that one sticky strip by which to mount the phone to the case. At times, it needs to be adjusted but it’s simple to correct. I believe another sticky strip on the other side would help to keep it in place and not have me worry about the phone separating from the housing. As I get more skilled in using and becoming more comfortable with it, I’ll began to enjoy it even more.

-Geral Johnson
October 15,2015

The GS Raptor is a great phone. I like the fact that I can use two phone numbers in one phone.

-LaMet Wilson
October 14, 2015

I like the phone, it is very smooth and handling.

-Ron Edward
October 14, 2015

Love it, so far!

-George Reswik
October 16, 2015

Initially, when I began to use the phone, it appeared to work quite well. One major issue is the poorly engineered design to use just a single “tacky strip” to hold to the phone in the case. This was so inefficient that my husband modified the design of the case to resolve this issue. However, I like the look, speed, power and quickness of the phone, but there are issues. Again, I wish to refrain from further comments about the phone because I experienced a problem with my phone when I attempted to toggle the phone to my PC. I received an error message; “USB connection failed”. As a result, I’m unable to use my phone to transfer data from my PC to my phone. In speaking with the person from whom I brought the phone, he advised me go through tech support to resolve this matter. Thus until this problem is resolved and I can do what I wish to do with the phone, I’ll reserve making further comments about the phone.

-Kathy Pitre-Johnson
October 20,2015

I love the phone, I need to take a class, my daughter is helping me learn the phone.

-John Griggs
October 21, 2015

I like the phone and the fact that it has two (2) sim cards.

-Audrey Wilson
October 22, 2015

I love the phone. The GS is faster and I personally think the GS is the best phone on the market.

-Keith Anderson
October 28, 2015