Introduction to the GS1 Raptor – Review

We have just come out with their first line of phones that packs the performance of a top-tier smartphone at a cost that everyone can afford.  Introducing the GS1 Raptor, this phone has the processing power and sustainability to carry out all operations at lightning speed with almost no toll to battery life.



The design of the GS1 Raptor is both sleek and powerful, incorporating a stainless steel frame and structure while keeping the phone at just 7.8mm in thickness.  Its 5.5” high definition LCD screen provides amazing clarity for watching videos, surfing the web, and gaming.  Paired with a 1.7GHz Octa Core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal memory and an option to add up to 32GB of external memory, all apps and tasks perform at the highest speed possible, even when the battery is low on life.  That, however, will not be an issue either, as its 2800mAH Li-ion Battery keeps the phone powered the entire day, with a full recharge time of just 1 hour and 40 minutes.




This phone also comes with a few amenities that separate itself from the competition.  The GS1 Raptor is unlocked and can be used anywhere on the globe and on any GSM 4G network.  The phone also comes with 2 easy access SIM card slots, and with it always being unlocked, it is the perfect way to manage multiple lines through a single phone.  While on the go, the phone’s WiFi converter takes any low internet speed and converts the signal to give it more strength, so slow web browsing and apps are a thing of the past.


With the addition of some fun features, like a gesture wake-up screen, ClearMotionTM video fluency enhancer, and widgets to add to your app pages, the GS1 Raptor at just $249 is going to be tough to compete with.  We chose to sell it at such a low price because want everyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to own a top-performing smartphone to now have that chance.  It allows everyone to become competitive in the business environment, gives everyone an information and entertainment center that is incredibly reliable, and backed with a 2-year warranty, we guarantee everyone will have a great experience using this phone.

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