Introduction to the GS1 Raptor – Fun Tips

With the recent release of our first phone, The GS1 Raptor, we have received plenty of positive feedback about the design and performance it packs.  Many have commented on it’s ability to hotspot or tether WiFi, its battery life and the speed at which the apps run, and our customers are starting to find out that it houses a few extra “doohickies” that they have not experienced on a smartphone yet.  Well, we want to unveil 3 of those “undercover” features that you may have missed when you started using your Raptor, since they take a little digging around to find.



1 – Gesture Wake Up


What you may be used to with smartphones is that when you lock/turn off the screen, you have to press the lock button again, then either swipe a sort of lock, enter a pin, or even register your fingerprint.  You then have to locate and open the app you want to use, which can take even a few extra swipes.

With the Gesture Wake Up built into the GS1 Raptor, you have the ability to quickly access your favorite apps and features directly from your turned-off screen.  Using your finger, you draw a recognizable character or letter, which wakes up the phone and brings you directly to the app or feature that is assigned to the gesture.  For example, drawing a “C” on the phone wakes the phone up and brings you directly to the camera app.



There are 13 different gestures, and each one can be set to open the app or feature of your choice through the Settings.  Just find the “Gesture Wake Configuration” option towards the bottom of the settings page to see which gestures you can use and change what opens to each gesture.



2 – Button-less Picture Taking


Usually when you are trying to take a picture on a smartphone, you have to tap a button on the screen or the lock button on the side of the phone to capture the photo.  This can cause the phone to shake, adjust the focus (making it blurred), or adjust the exposure (brightness) and ruin the shot.  Especially when you are trying to take a selfie on the smaller front cameras, you may have to take up to 3 to 4 pictures just to get the one you want.

The GS1 Raptor has a couple features built into the camera app that takes picture capturing to a new level. First, the camera app has a built in voice recognition software that can recognize commands.  You can turn on this function, as well as access the rest of the camera features, by pressing the Option button at the bottom of the phone next to the home button, or pressing the access the cog wheel icon just above that.  When on, all someone has to do is say the word “Cheese!” and the phone will take the photo for you.  This frees up both of your hands to have them focus on stabilizing the camera, getting better quality pictures every time you take one.



This is pretty awesome, but Android also took it a step further by having face recognition software included in the camera app and creating the “Smile Shot” feature.  This allows the person that is in the picture to prepare and choose when the camera takes the shot by just choosing when to smile!  The camera can distinguish between a smile, frown, and straight face, and once the person is smiling, it will automatically capture the photo.



No more hassle with trying to balance the phone and press the button!



3 – Widgets


Not only does the phone operate with all Android apps, it also has some additional “widgets” built into the phone that you can add to your app pages.  You can access the widgets by pressing and holding your finger on an empty space in your app page, or in the space between the bottom row of apps and the favorites bar where the phone icon is located.  At the bottom of the new screen that pops up, you will see the widgets option.

There are 39 different widgets that you can choose from, with some that integrate with other apps on your phone, like the Google apps, Facebook, and your music.  They are quick access and sync with your accounts and apps regularly, which can turn your phone into an instant-access information beast.  Some of our favorites include: the Gmail and Mail inboxes, which display your inboxes without having to open the app;

Your Gmail inbox displayed the moment you access your apps
Your Gmail inbox displayed the moment you access your apps

the 3D live weather, where flip the 3D setting and sheep to see the weather;


and the Facebook bar, where you can upload a photo or change your status straight from your home page.



There are many more fun aspects of the phone that you can find through exploring the phone, which we will bring up in another article.  Until then, enjoy these fun features and keep diving into the phone!

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