The Phone Industry is Changing… Are You Ready?

Recently, AT&T announced that they “…will no longer offer discounted phones with two-year contracts starting Jan. 8.” This correlates with T-Mobile’s and Verizon’s similar announcements made 3 years ago and back in August, respectively. Now Sprint is the only carrier that is left to get rid of this depreciating business model, and the CEO has … Continue Reading

What Makes a Phone Unique?

We’re not alone.  In a world with Raptors, iPhones, and Galaxies, there exists hundreds of other phones and phone companies.  Sometimes the options can be overwhelming; there are many phones out there that share similar specifications, characteristics and prices, which can make picking the right phone for you tough.  Advertisements flying across the screen or … Continue Reading

Introduction to the GS1 Raptor – Fun Tips

With the recent release of our first phone, The GS1 Raptor, we have received plenty of positive feedback about the design and performance it packs.  Many have commented on it’s ability to hotspot or tether WiFi, its battery life and the speed at which the apps run, and our customers are starting to find out … Continue Reading