Software Update – Version 14

This software update just fixed some minor bugs with our software and applications not working properly.  Since our phones have recently been manufactured, there may be some issues with applications recognizing our software/hardware.  More about this will be explained in a moment, but let’s take a look at what was fixed: When charging the phone, … Continue Reading

Introduction to the GS1 Raptor – Review

We have just come out with their first line of phones that packs the performance of a top-tier smartphone at a cost that everyone can afford.  Introducing the GS1 Raptor, this phone has the processing power and sustainability to carry out all operations at lightning speed with almost no toll to battery life.   The design … Continue Reading

Improving Organization in a Small Business

Everyone knows that technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but not everyone knows what becomes available to them with these new advancements.  The Cloud, device syncing, and free online file transferring are just a few examples of relatively new technologies that people have heard of but don’t fully understand.  This paperless world we are … Continue Reading

Introduction to the GS1 Raptor – Fun Tips

With the recent release of our first phone, The GS1 Raptor, we have received plenty of positive feedback about the design and performance it packs.  Many have commented on it’s ability to hotspot or tether WiFi, its battery life and the speed at which the apps run, and our customers are starting to find out … Continue Reading